Tuesday, May 26, 2015

COMPLETE OPENNESS II: Mission, Strategy, and Tactic (all one)

Complete openness is about being open to the worst case scenarios - rather than resisting awareness, we allow the implications to sink in, the real world consequences and the response ability that these situations demand. It's openness between brains because the best responses will be co-ordinations among the people. That's open source, the free flow of information/awareness.

One of my concerns is a pattern I've noticed over the years. It's like when someone enters a new organization. Now I can understand learning first things first and an orderly progression, but all too often there is a constraint on a whole understanding. It arises from people protecting their identities and relationships within the system. We build up our little structures of power and compete for resources and power within the organization. It is actually a dis-ease, a perceived lack of security. The function of the organization suffers.

I take a different approach, which I have declared periodically over the years. I lay out all I know upfront - what I think, believe, see, say and do and why. I think it's best for everybody to know the same thing at the same time. That's the foundation for effective efficient action. It gets the job done.

A corresponding aspect of this pattern is, frequently, when I've been in situations where I declared that it is best for everybody to know the same thing at the same time, the door is opened to questions I can't answer. To those questions I say "time will tell". Wait and see.

And that brings us to the significance of the time stamp. It's so you can say you said it.

Others may see whether of not you are accurate. If it's a sound principle it can be tracked over time. Might even be able to nail it down. That is credibility. It is building trust. It includes catching your mistakes and correcting them as you go along. The next trick would be to prove the principle timeless.

So ya got the pressure of the worst case scenarios manifesting in the world. Ya got the pressure of the police state as intimate partner, watching every move you make and classifying it and attributing to you motivations according to vast social and psychological research, social norms enforced by the panopticon - or an emotional response from a perceived lack of security - and  the eye of the one god already all the time in yo head - your conscience. And ya got the pressure of the time stamp - your real world actions.

That pressure generates energy. That pressure is a contraction that compels. It underscores the necessity of a strong foundation of trust for our communication and co-ordination.

Complete openness provides no resistance, therefore no pressure.

Monday, May 25, 2015

COMPLETE OPENNESS: Strategic Imperative (tactical post)

i got this image from 12160 

And Almustafa said in a voice that was like a  young steed running upon a road: "Only the naked live in the sun. Only the artless ride the wind. And he alone who loses his way a thousand times shall have a homecoming".

The light is strong and man is weak
And the world walks in between
So rise above on the wings of love
See and let yourself be seen ...

So fill your cup and drink it on up
For tomorrow never comes
If you wield the rod, answer to your god
But me, I'll be up and gone

Robin Trower
from "A Little Bit of Sympathy"

The machine falsely implied i had a choice. Push the button to activate the code or risk deteriorating machine performance. It was an 'automatic' update for the webcam. I accepted the assertion as truth and pushed the button. 'Course it coulda done its work without me, but the issue wasn't the update, it was control. Machine control of a biological entity.

But that aint shit. The machine was pointing to the fact that there was an unseen operation of the camera, ergo an unseen operator, forcing me to imagine a potential manifestation of that unseen will. The machine was reachin' out and applying pressure, not only to the structure of thought, but to  human behaviour. Given the facts, i have no choice. I gotta assume i bein' observed.

But seriously folks, it prob'ly just paranoia instilled by voices i hear:

Kinda like the embedded omniscient one god that dominates this planet via our common mind, its just the physical manifestation of our psyche's deep need for security, to understand and explain, to control, to produce 'truth' - the story of civilization we been tellin' ourselves. 'Our life is the creation of our mind.' An' we done created hell on earth, self fulfilling our prophecies.

Wasting, fouling, gutting - our work is a brutal assault on the web of life; slavery, prison, war - our daily bread; fear, greed, and anxiety are the emotional drivers of our civilization. This is the creation of our mind, a human/machine generated collapse of our entire life support system of land, water, air and social cohesion.

It don't get no worse than that, huh. Well ... yeah ... but ... it can ONLY get worse. And for a long time to come. There aint no end to the doomsday scenarios ... an' they make me so tired ...

shit fuck hell

yeah ... so I started this post 9 months ago ... since then ... a crisis of consciousness ... (and of course) a crisis in the real world ... or rather an unending series of crises in the real world. Which came first? (the classic philosophical conundrum) this post or the crises ... obviously the real world shit, 'cause if its unending it has no beginning, it goes back further indefinitely into the past ...

no, this post, or rather the impetus behind it (maybe THAT comes first) is just part of the fractal cycle, the pattern, the pulse ... intensifying and accelerating ... culminating, like gettin' sucked inta black hole, bouncin' off the sides of the energy well faster and faster ... extropic ... energy increasing to light ...

as if ... initially, its feelin' the pressure of the real world, grossly and subtly and all in between, daily.
The pressure of being observed. Maybe the panopticon originated with the one god theory ... one god, unseen, all powerful, all knowing, all seeing ... the one god story, so powerful we bringin' it to life, manifesting as the police/surveillance state. It has thoroughly hollowed out our common mind, originating with the dogma of religion and realized as the authoritarian control of civilization.

This idea of the one god contracts the world (and the world responds), makes the world smaller - so many humans alive, so much industry, so many resources wasted, and the ensuing destruction. The pressure of being controlled ... you have to work to get money to buy your survival from a fragile machine that is failing. All the real world threats are here now, every type of collapse - economic, environmental, social and psychological - dwindling energy resources, the disability to feed ourselves properly, and pervasive war ... these are the pressures to which we are responding.

so ... this is the crisis of consciousness ... why don't I live by what I know to be true?

even some of the so called solutions to our problems, most notably technology, pose a threat:

 'The dream of robotics is, first, that intelligent machines can do our work for us, allowing us lives of leisure, restoring us to Eden. Yet in his history of such ideas,Darwin Among the Machines, George Dyson warns: "In the game of life and evolution there are three players at the table: human beings, nature, and machines. I am firmly on the side of nature. But nature, I suspect, is on the side of the machines."' this quote from "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us" by Bill Joy

yeah, so I started this post 'bout 9 months ago ... I was gonna talk about expansion and contraction, the eternal vibe (my rock), I was gonna point at the outside pressure comin' in - the police state, the taxes, the social norm, the corporate imposition and control of the survival necessities, the robbery of the commons by the elite, the rapid radicalization of the environment - TOXIC - initiated by us ... the doomsday scenarios, they so tiring.

I was gonna talk about the expansion outwards - our response ability, the quality of our consciousness. I would suggest that without complete openness our response to the world is distorted and limited, producing a continuation of deterioration rather than the necessary revolution. With complete openness comes freedom and is truth, the underlying necessity of all human relationship. Complete openness is no resistance - no object subject to fate - complete openness is allowing the light to flow in and out, our response is whole.

note: Its actually been 3 years now. The way I remembered the draft was that there was nothing here, then I looked today and said well, hell, this as good a place to start as any - the machine war.

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Principles of One and Zero: Tactical Breathing

image from softonics

The One (universe)

A self contained volcano on the edge of eruption, infinite potential uncontrolled destruction. Kali Yuga. I don't live in a state of serenity with a clean, clear mind. But i be contemplatin' what that might mean.

'Cause i need all the help i can get. I got lifelines. A constellation of satelites, geometric reference points, floatin' 'round my head, pulsing with the environment. Anyway ...

Principles of One are like:

1. First things first. Do what needs to be done now.
2. Prioritize. Determine that which is of highest value.
3. The best action is one. What is best is best for all spheres of influence.

'Course if i say consciousness is primary, thats goin' toward the holographic universe or what Bohm called the holomovement. And the soma-significant aspect of the cosmos.

TACTICAL BREATHING i got from On Combat. This is a direct hand hold on bein' able to exercise whatever limited control a naked ape may employ in this world. Tactical breathing is individual, immediate and local, it is a first priority and of supreme value. Like yo' heartbeat, breathin' is an inward holon of the body/mind's holarchy.

Then there's the principle of zero, which aint 'bout nothin', er ... i mean its 'bout somethin' ... no, i mean it IS 'bout nothin', no thing. This matrix is wholly movement, nothing separate or static is found. All is allowed by the void of infinite potential. Well, hell, matter itself is just empty space. Goes right along with the revolutionary act of doin' nothin'.

The principle of zero 'bout the same as that of one, wholeness and movement. Like the conscious universe cliche, ya got the 'everything has buddha nature' bullshit, its already there, nothing you have to do first, nothing you can do.

I thinkin' the fundamental human impulse is one, driven by evolution to a higher, more complex, and better state through total rejection of that which is false (a principle of zero).

Monday, April 30, 2012

the cool thing 'bout psychological vivisection

The cool thing 'bout psychological vivisection is ya get ta see the flesh yield to the razor - blood pours, veins and arteries throb, bone cut, brain sliced.

Its how the universe works. This is just another evolutionary probe of the universe checkin' itself out, a test of consciousness, what is.

All this in an effort to remove the 'self'. Were the self removed, i wonder if the brain will immediately produce another (usually) or perhaps the environment will supply one (it'll try).

But, yeah, if there are human created threats to our survival, than they probably can be traced back to how our mind/brain functions. And, yes, i be lookin' in my own brain, finding the 'self' slippery and slimy and hard ta get hold of for any amount of time. If i do find it, it dissolves, disappears and comes from behind me and pops back up in my face.

So, maybe, if i back off a minute and just watch, maybe i can catch ... wait ... 'i' watch 'myself' ... how does that work? ... who watchin' who?

And if it is a brain centered nervous system watchin' a brain centered nervous system, does that imply you and i, on a deeper level than, say, mirror neurons?

And are mirror neurons being activated on a global scale by our technological communication systems?

Would this be good or bad, or something else? Might this be an opportunity for an evolutionary emergence?

... just another suicide note ...


Just because i don' want my death to be a surprise, don' mean i wanna plan it either.

Part One here. Wow. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Anybody may look and judge 'better' or 'worse', but what i would say is just more intense.

My basic premise, my default mode always goin' back ta 'self' sacrifice, death, similar to the death of the 'self' so eloquently expressed over at Actual Freedom.

So, goin' on 'bout a year and a half, i lookin' back an' sayin' "Who was that fool? Me? What was i thinkin'?" Prob'ly somethin' like this here ... i thinkin' deep down inside me ...

Life one helluva beauty and abundance sometimes too hard to bear, 'specially with the attendant pain and suffering. But Hey! It really aint no problem. I see the exit door right there. An' all along i been tryin' ta point at the door as if it were humanity's saving grace ('cause i know its mine!).

Now. I aint really ready to go through that door willingly. But, well ... FUCK YEAH! I'LL GO THROUGH THAT DOOR! RIGHT HERE AND NOW. GODDAMMIT.

Its the same thing, not digitally or virtually but actually. All i gotta do is look around me and see the world without me innit. Thats the death of 'me'.

Its so much easier, nothing to do, nothing to be, nothing to say. Nothing to strive for. No effort. Also, nothing to fear. Thats freedom. Not being 'there' in the world.

'Cause basically i already see how, in the sense that the cosmos is momentary, i not all the way here now anyway, like a spiral whiff of smoke. Or rather i see when 'i' aint here, the bodymind fully present, inextricably embedded in the environment.

The 'self', mediating the energy/information flow between bodymind and environment, impedes the flow. This block produces excess stress and system failure.

I mean it fully understood, right? I mean by everybody already, right?

Our financial system is crumblin' all around us, taking our survival structures down with it.

We live in a totalitarian police state that is sending out autonomous assasin robot swarms and has the ability to surveil throughout the whole of space and time and has a set of charges prepared for us on demand.

The chaotic climate changes we have initiated are essentially unstoppable, so we fixin' to be livin' in a different biosphere. Will it be fit for human survival?

Its NOT understood by everybody. If it was, we would have less to fear. It IS understood by a select group of circle jerk eggheads. They understand the dilemma up and down, inside and out and they'll be more than happy ta tell ya all 'bout it.

So there aint really no mo' mysteries left. The mysteries that are left are all irrelevant, except one. How the hell we (we being my children and grandchildren) gonna survive? Not by tellin' the same old stories.

And we can't trust the authorities. The power of authorities, power we grant, controls human beings by pushin' emotional hotspot buttons in our brain - ourselves - images, ideas, glory and fear, violence and chemicals, social and psychological techniques - essentially blatant war tactics ... what happens when 'we' learn to push 'our' own buttons? Like rats in a cage, we kill ourselves.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

with each pulse of the universe

what does it mean ... to say "The vibratory nature of the universe"? The essence of the universe is dual - there are always, at  minimum, two aspects of any thing, event, person, or action. At every level - inside or out from top to bottom, from atoms to dna to solar systems to galaxies, electrons and planets spinning, orbiting centers of energy, from beginning to end and back to the beginning. Breathe in breathe out endlessly with every heartbeat we resonate with the universe. Its all one entity that contains the polar extremes, male and female, day and night, master and slave, and every point in between. Each subtotality is representative of the totality - every part enfolds the whole as much as the whole unfolds all the parts - the holographic substance of the cosmos - consciousness - you enfold the whole within your brain and your brain unfolds the whole to your senses in unceasing rhythm. Unfolded the universe presents to the bodymind interface - life and the world. Enfolded, life and the world are nothing, silence, sleep, stillness, death. Thats the consciousness we have in common.

So with the outward pulse - the world - living vibrant planetary human existence in nature - wild and free - struggling with the control and containment that is civilization and technology - the world of man momentarily attempting to assert dominance over a cosmic seed, the Earth, human civilization a brief secondary starburst of memes following a primary starburst of dna seeking a stability in harmony with the cosmos in which it finds itself unfolded. So with the inward pulse, back to the source, the ground of all being, the implicit, pure consciousness, primary, out of which all energy and matter flows, the death of the separate self, the all, the whole enfolded in one. The enfolded and unfolded are never separate. They two aspects of one whole, right here right now, the known and unknown, within the silence and stillness of your brain, the focal point of all matter, energy, and spacetime - the common mind we all share.

And in that primordial soup of our common consciousness a replicator forms - thought - the self - in its initial exuberance, its creation - civilization, our present human culture - dominates the planet like the dinosaurs once did. The dinosaurs inability to adapt allowed a more flexible life form to arise and awaken and evolve into man. Thought is now creating circumstances in which it must sacifice the self to the next phase of evolution - which is full consciousness, the manifestation of the primary, the implicit energy direct from the source of the universe unfolded in this dimension - pure perception. Pure perception reveals right action with each pulse of the universe.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

square one ... steady goin' back to the source

Downloaded a copy of my ebook today with the intention of loadin' on the site, but couldn't figure it out ... will probably call tech support tomorrow if i get a chance but i on days n twelves at that so we'll see. Tryin' to aggregate all my content in one place. i know its all clumsy and forced but i doin' the best i can with the knowledge and resources i got. But i guess all that really means is a lack of understanding. And maybe totin' around a crushing burden 24/7. If you only knew. But then i don't want you to because that would be evidence of my ignorance (to ignore) and stupidity (to be stupefied). That might prove "shameful" to my "self". On the other hand ...

i was listenin' to a friend the other day talkin' 'bout folks in  humiliating positions when i asserted "i like to get my fuckups out in the open quick as i can so the sooner i can repair and progress". (i steady drivin' for infrequency of event but acclompishin' the opposite.)  But once again ...

This whole thing just my education. So probably a whole lotta grinding failure punctuated by a transcendent moment ever so often. Anyway, it don't matter ... well, yeah, i mean but only in a material way. And don't try to tell the material is all that matters. i would propose the opposite. That it is the unseen and unknowable that is the only thing that could possibly create ... er, i mean matter. It'll always by that way 'cause the deeper we go the further we push the boundary. At least until we achieve singularity. (hrmmmph cough.)

Thats like when the guy reaches out to touch the mirror and his hand passes to the other side like there is nothing there. Could that be why the cosmos we detect is apparently empty of class one civilizations? Is the transition so difficult? Surely some folks will pass through if we start locally immediately to build a structure to bridge the collapse. Maybe we can do even better than that.