Saturday, October 1, 2011

with each pulse of the universe

what does it mean ... to say "The vibratory nature of the universe"? The essence of the universe is dual - there are always, at  minimum, two aspects of any thing, event, person, or action. At every level - inside or out from top to bottom, from atoms to dna to solar systems to galaxies, electrons and planets spinning, orbiting centers of energy, from beginning to end and back to the beginning. Breathe in breathe out endlessly with every heartbeat we resonate with the universe. Its all one entity that contains the polar extremes, male and female, day and night, master and slave, and every point in between. Each subtotality is representative of the totality - every part enfolds the whole as much as the whole unfolds all the parts - the holographic substance of the cosmos - consciousness - you enfold the whole within your brain and your brain unfolds the whole to your senses in unceasing rhythm. Unfolded the universe presents to the bodymind interface - life and the world. Enfolded, life and the world are nothing, silence, sleep, stillness, death. Thats the consciousness we have in common.

So with the outward pulse - the world - living vibrant planetary human existence in nature - wild and free - struggling with the control and containment that is civilization and technology - the world of man momentarily attempting to assert dominance over a cosmic seed, the Earth, human civilization a brief secondary starburst of memes following a primary starburst of dna seeking a stability in harmony with the cosmos in which it finds itself unfolded. So with the inward pulse, back to the source, the ground of all being, the implicit, pure consciousness, primary, out of which all energy and matter flows, the death of the separate self, the all, the whole enfolded in one. The enfolded and unfolded are never separate. They two aspects of one whole, right here right now, the known and unknown, within the silence and stillness of your brain, the focal point of all matter, energy, and spacetime - the common mind we all share.

And in that primordial soup of our common consciousness a replicator forms - thought - the self - in its initial exuberance, its creation - civilization, our present human culture - dominates the planet like the dinosaurs once did. The dinosaurs inability to adapt allowed a more flexible life form to arise and awaken and evolve into man. Thought is now creating circumstances in which it must sacifice the self to the next phase of evolution - which is full consciousness, the manifestation of the primary, the implicit energy direct from the source of the universe unfolded in this dimension - pure perception. Pure perception reveals right action with each pulse of the universe.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

square one ... steady goin' back to the source

Downloaded a copy of my ebook today with the intention of loadin' on the site, but couldn't figure it out ... will probably call tech support tomorrow if i get a chance but i on days n twelves at that so we'll see. Tryin' to aggregate all my content in one place. i know its all clumsy and forced but i doin' the best i can with the knowledge and resources i got. But i guess all that really means is a lack of understanding. And maybe totin' around a crushing burden 24/7. If you only knew. But then i don't want you to because that would be evidence of my ignorance (to ignore) and stupidity (to be stupefied). That might prove "shameful" to my "self". On the other hand ...

i was listenin' to a friend the other day talkin' 'bout folks in  humiliating positions when i asserted "i like to get my fuckups out in the open quick as i can so the sooner i can repair and progress". (i steady drivin' for infrequency of event but acclompishin' the opposite.)  But once again ...

This whole thing just my education. So probably a whole lotta grinding failure punctuated by a transcendent moment ever so often. Anyway, it don't matter ... well, yeah, i mean but only in a material way. And don't try to tell the material is all that matters. i would propose the opposite. That it is the unseen and unknowable that is the only thing that could possibly create ... er, i mean matter. It'll always by that way 'cause the deeper we go the further we push the boundary. At least until we achieve singularity. (hrmmmph cough.)

Thats like when the guy reaches out to touch the mirror and his hand passes to the other side like there is nothing there. Could that be why the cosmos we detect is apparently empty of class one civilizations? Is the transition so difficult? Surely some folks will pass through if we start locally immediately to build a structure to bridge the collapse. Maybe we can do even better than that.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011


If ya see me playin guitar an' it sounds mechanical and uninspired, its precisely 'cause i still workin' on the mechanics of it. I played for a couple years 'bout 35 years ago and reached a higher level than i got now. In june '10 i got a beginners rig an' when i got home with it and tried to play i thought "this is a mistake", my mind still knew some stuff but my hand didn't even want to cooperate. But i did some grunt work for a while (keepin' in mind i was workin' 6 and 7 twelve hour days a week) and slowly got some bit of feelin' back. Now the darn thing been in the pawn shop awhile but i will never give up simply 'cause i love a guitar too much, the feel of it, the sounds - as primitive and crude as they may be.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Long after the days and the seasons, and the people and the countries, the flag of bleeding meat on the silk of the seas and arctic flowers (they don't exist).

Sunday, July 3, 2011

my heartbeat stumbles and my backbone crumbles, i feel is it real? as the lynch mob doubles, they want blood and they'll kill for it, drain me in their meal for it, burn me at the stake, let the devil make a deal for it. the guillotine gleams as the guillotine dreams, the blood of their enemies watch you while you sit and scream. sentencing ceased, sentenced deceased, while they bask in the glory of their holy disease.
                                             hollywood undead

hollywood undead quote

i bought that first HU disk when, for whatever reason it jumped out at me from a shelf in wal mart. Course that was an edited version but i did end up gettin real one. i actually fell in love with it immediately. It was just a great work or art, from the graphics to the conept to the characters to the themes to the music itself. It was whole, complete. But on the first several listenings it was these lines that made me listen. It was like being the victim of an inquisition. Anybody can put their mind in a place of pleasure, a fantasy where they the star -whether in the movies or music or the athletic field or climbing mt everest. But few of us are going to put ourselves in, or glory in the idea of, or even contemplate quietly being the victim of any form of mob violence. Ya know, somewhere, sometime in the past, the subject came up about how "i woudn't wanna die by ... " drowning, fire, decapitation, falling ... but i bet nobody ever mentioned lynch mob. Anyway, ya not gonna naturally consider the group of people around ya are 'bout ta turn on ya an' kill ya. But, in fact there some form of that goin' on all around us all the time. That story for another day.

Saturday, July 2, 2011