Monday, July 11, 2011

Long after the days and the seasons, and the people and the countries, the flag of bleeding meat on the silk of the seas and arctic flowers (they don't exist).

Sunday, July 3, 2011

my heartbeat stumbles and my backbone crumbles, i feel is it real? as the lynch mob doubles, they want blood and they'll kill for it, drain me in their meal for it, burn me at the stake, let the devil make a deal for it. the guillotine gleams as the guillotine dreams, the blood of their enemies watch you while you sit and scream. sentencing ceased, sentenced deceased, while they bask in the glory of their holy disease.
                                             hollywood undead

hollywood undead quote

i bought that first HU disk when, for whatever reason it jumped out at me from a shelf in wal mart. Course that was an edited version but i did end up gettin real one. i actually fell in love with it immediately. It was just a great work or art, from the graphics to the conept to the characters to the themes to the music itself. It was whole, complete. But on the first several listenings it was these lines that made me listen. It was like being the victim of an inquisition. Anybody can put their mind in a place of pleasure, a fantasy where they the star -whether in the movies or music or the athletic field or climbing mt everest. But few of us are going to put ourselves in, or glory in the idea of, or even contemplate quietly being the victim of any form of mob violence. Ya know, somewhere, sometime in the past, the subject came up about how "i woudn't wanna die by ... " drowning, fire, decapitation, falling ... but i bet nobody ever mentioned lynch mob. Anyway, ya not gonna naturally consider the group of people around ya are 'bout ta turn on ya an' kill ya. But, in fact there some form of that goin' on all around us all the time. That story for another day.

Saturday, July 2, 2011