Tuesday, May 26, 2015

COMPLETE OPENNESS II: Mission, Strategy, and Tactic (all one)

Complete openness is about being open to the worst case scenarios - rather than resisting awareness, we allow the implications to sink in, the real world consequences and the response ability that these situations demand. It's openness between brains because the best responses will be co-ordinations among the people. That's open source, the free flow of information/awareness.

One of my concerns is a pattern I've noticed over the years. It's like when someone enters a new organization. Now I can understand learning first things first and an orderly progression, but all too often there is a constraint on a whole understanding. It arises from people protecting their identities and relationships within the system. We build up our little structures of power and compete for resources and power within the organization. It is actually a dis-ease, a perceived lack of security. The function of the organization suffers.

I take a different approach, which I have declared periodically over the years. I lay out all I know upfront - what I think, believe, see, say and do and why. I think it's best for everybody to know the same thing at the same time. That's the foundation for effective efficient action. It gets the job done.

A corresponding aspect of this pattern is, frequently, when I've been in situations where I declared that it is best for everybody to know the same thing at the same time, the door is opened to questions I can't answer. To those questions I say "time will tell". Wait and see.

And that brings us to the significance of the time stamp. It's so you can say you said it.

Others may see whether of not you are accurate. If it's a sound principle it can be tracked over time. Might even be able to nail it down. That is credibility. It is building trust. It includes catching your mistakes and correcting them as you go along. The next trick would be to prove the principle timeless.

So ya got the pressure of the worst case scenarios manifesting in the world. Ya got the pressure of the police state as intimate partner, watching every move you make and classifying it and attributing to you motivations according to vast social and psychological research, social norms enforced by the panopticon - or an emotional response from a perceived lack of security - and  the eye of the one god already all the time in yo head - your conscience. And ya got the pressure of the time stamp - your real world actions.

That pressure generates energy. That pressure is a contraction that compels. It underscores the necessity of a strong foundation of trust for our communication and co-ordination.

Complete openness provides no resistance, therefore no pressure.

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