Monday, May 25, 2015

COMPLETE OPENNESS: Strategic Imperative (tactical post)

i got this image from 12160 

And Almustafa said in a voice that was like a  young steed running upon a road: "Only the naked live in the sun. Only the artless ride the wind. And he alone who loses his way a thousand times shall have a homecoming".

The light is strong and man is weak
And the world walks in between
So rise above on the wings of love
See and let yourself be seen ...

So fill your cup and drink it on up
For tomorrow never comes
If you wield the rod, answer to your god
But me, I'll be up and gone

Robin Trower
from "A Little Bit of Sympathy"

The machine falsely implied i had a choice. Push the button to activate the code or risk deteriorating machine performance. It was an 'automatic' update for the webcam. I accepted the assertion as truth and pushed the button. 'Course it coulda done its work without me, but the issue wasn't the update, it was control. Machine control of a biological entity.

But that aint shit. The machine was pointing to the fact that there was an unseen operation of the camera, ergo an unseen operator, forcing me to imagine a potential manifestation of that unseen will. The machine was reachin' out and applying pressure, not only to the structure of thought, but to  human behaviour. Given the facts, i have no choice. I gotta assume i bein' observed.

But seriously folks, it prob'ly just paranoia instilled by voices i hear:

Kinda like the embedded omniscient one god that dominates this planet via our common mind, its just the physical manifestation of our psyche's deep need for security, to understand and explain, to control, to produce 'truth' - the story of civilization we been tellin' ourselves. 'Our life is the creation of our mind.' An' we done created hell on earth, self fulfilling our prophecies.

Wasting, fouling, gutting - our work is a brutal assault on the web of life; slavery, prison, war - our daily bread; fear, greed, and anxiety are the emotional drivers of our civilization. This is the creation of our mind, a human/machine generated collapse of our entire life support system of land, water, air and social cohesion.

It don't get no worse than that, huh. Well ... yeah ... but ... it can ONLY get worse. And for a long time to come. There aint no end to the doomsday scenarios ... an' they make me so tired ...

shit fuck hell

yeah ... so I started this post 9 months ago ... since then ... a crisis of consciousness ... (and of course) a crisis in the real world ... or rather an unending series of crises in the real world. Which came first? (the classic philosophical conundrum) this post or the crises ... obviously the real world shit, 'cause if its unending it has no beginning, it goes back further indefinitely into the past ...

no, this post, or rather the impetus behind it (maybe THAT comes first) is just part of the fractal cycle, the pattern, the pulse ... intensifying and accelerating ... culminating, like gettin' sucked inta black hole, bouncin' off the sides of the energy well faster and faster ... extropic ... energy increasing to light ...

as if ... initially, its feelin' the pressure of the real world, grossly and subtly and all in between, daily.
The pressure of being observed. Maybe the panopticon originated with the one god theory ... one god, unseen, all powerful, all knowing, all seeing ... the one god story, so powerful we bringin' it to life, manifesting as the police/surveillance state. It has thoroughly hollowed out our common mind, originating with the dogma of religion and realized as the authoritarian control of civilization.

This idea of the one god contracts the world (and the world responds), makes the world smaller - so many humans alive, so much industry, so many resources wasted, and the ensuing destruction. The pressure of being controlled ... you have to work to get money to buy your survival from a fragile machine that is failing. All the real world threats are here now, every type of collapse - economic, environmental, social and psychological - dwindling energy resources, the disability to feed ourselves properly, and pervasive war ... these are the pressures to which we are responding.

so ... this is the crisis of consciousness ... why don't I live by what I know to be true?

even some of the so called solutions to our problems, most notably technology, pose a threat:

 'The dream of robotics is, first, that intelligent machines can do our work for us, allowing us lives of leisure, restoring us to Eden. Yet in his history of such ideas,Darwin Among the Machines, George Dyson warns: "In the game of life and evolution there are three players at the table: human beings, nature, and machines. I am firmly on the side of nature. But nature, I suspect, is on the side of the machines."' this quote from "Why the Future Doesn't Need Us" by Bill Joy

yeah, so I started this post 'bout 9 months ago ... I was gonna talk about expansion and contraction, the eternal vibe (my rock), I was gonna point at the outside pressure comin' in - the police state, the taxes, the social norm, the corporate imposition and control of the survival necessities, the robbery of the commons by the elite, the rapid radicalization of the environment - TOXIC - initiated by us ... the doomsday scenarios, they so tiring.

I was gonna talk about the expansion outwards - our response ability, the quality of our consciousness. I would suggest that without complete openness our response to the world is distorted and limited, producing a continuation of deterioration rather than the necessary revolution. With complete openness comes freedom and is truth, the underlying necessity of all human relationship. Complete openness is no resistance - no object subject to fate - complete openness is allowing the light to flow in and out, our response is whole.

note: Its actually been 3 years now. The way I remembered the draft was that there was nothing here, then I looked today and said well, hell, this as good a place to start as any - the machine war.

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