Monday, April 30, 2012

the cool thing 'bout psychological vivisection

The cool thing 'bout psychological vivisection is ya get ta see the flesh yield to the razor - blood pours, veins and arteries throb, bone cut, brain sliced.

Its how the universe works. This is just another evolutionary probe of the universe checkin' itself out, a test of consciousness, what is.

All this in an effort to remove the 'self'. Were the self removed, i wonder if the brain will immediately produce another (usually) or perhaps the environment will supply one (it'll try).

But, yeah, if there are human created threats to our survival, than they probably can be traced back to how our mind/brain functions. And, yes, i be lookin' in my own brain, finding the 'self' slippery and slimy and hard ta get hold of for any amount of time. If i do find it, it dissolves, disappears and comes from behind me and pops back up in my face.

So, maybe, if i back off a minute and just watch, maybe i can catch ... wait ... 'i' watch 'myself' ... how does that work? ... who watchin' who?

And if it is a brain centered nervous system watchin' a brain centered nervous system, does that imply you and i, on a deeper level than, say, mirror neurons?

And are mirror neurons being activated on a global scale by our technological communication systems?

Would this be good or bad, or something else? Might this be an opportunity for an evolutionary emergence?

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