Sunday, May 6, 2012

Principles of One and Zero: Tactical Breathing

image from softonics

The One (universe)

A self contained volcano on the edge of eruption, infinite potential uncontrolled destruction. Kali Yuga. I don't live in a state of serenity with a clean, clear mind. But i be contemplatin' what that might mean.

'Cause i need all the help i can get. I got lifelines. A constellation of satelites, geometric reference points, floatin' 'round my head, pulsing with the environment. Anyway ...

Principles of One are like:

1. First things first. Do what needs to be done now.
2. Prioritize. Determine that which is of highest value.
3. The best action is one. What is best is best for all spheres of influence.

'Course if i say consciousness is primary, thats goin' toward the holographic universe or what Bohm called the holomovement. And the soma-significant aspect of the cosmos.

TACTICAL BREATHING i got from On Combat. This is a direct hand hold on bein' able to exercise whatever limited control a naked ape may employ in this world. Tactical breathing is individual, immediate and local, it is a first priority and of supreme value. Like yo' heartbeat, breathin' is an inward holon of the body/mind's holarchy.

Then there's the principle of zero, which aint 'bout nothin', er ... i mean its 'bout somethin' ... no, i mean it IS 'bout nothin', no thing. This matrix is wholly movement, nothing separate or static is found. All is allowed by the void of infinite potential. Well, hell, matter itself is just empty space. Goes right along with the revolutionary act of doin' nothin'.

The principle of zero 'bout the same as that of one, wholeness and movement. Like the conscious universe cliche, ya got the 'everything has buddha nature' bullshit, its already there, nothing you have to do first, nothing you can do.

I thinkin' the fundamental human impulse is one, driven by evolution to a higher, more complex, and better state through total rejection of that which is false (a principle of zero).


  1. Yo, just saw you've got Dispersion Array and Idea Scaffolding linked up on your sidebar, thanks a lot! Greatly appreciated. I'm digging what you're doing here!

    1. Much obliged sir. Just tryin' ta show high quality and your work a prime example.